How to Make Essays Longer

Essay not long enough? Need your essay to be longer than what you have already written. Can’t think of anything else to write in your essay? Well, you are in luck because we have some tips and tricks for you to add a significant amount of pages to your essays without having to write anything extra. Yes, with the list of ways given below, you will not have to write any more fluff to fill your essay, while fulfilling any length requirements of your essay.

Ways to Make Your Essay Longer

The most common trick to make essays look longer than they actually are is to increase the size of the punctuation, usually the period. The period can be increased 2 sizes bigger than the font size of the content of your paper without being noticed. This is done using find and replace or Ctrl F in windows, where you find all of the periods, and replace them with a period 2 sizes bigger. This can also be done with commas, quotation marks, question marks, colons, semi-colons, dashes, and parenthesis but is much easily spotted by readers of your work. It is advised to only increase the font size by .5 to 1 points larger when using forms of punctuation other than periods.

Play with the font. By changing font sizes, one can increase (or decrease) the length of their paper. Since the goal is to make an essay longer, it would be best to use a font like courier new instead of times new roman, since this will make your essay appear longer.

Mess with the margins of your paper, by decreasing the margin of your paper, just a hair, it will increase the length of your essay. However, if it is decreased too much, it will look extremely obvious when you print it out, so do not get overzealous.

Format your header and title. Increase the spacing in between the lines and the font sizes and make your title bold. That should add a few extra lines to your paper. I don’t want to state the obvious, but double spacing your paper will make your essay longer.

Format your paper. Make sure that all of your paragraphs are indented. To make your paper look longer, you can also add one space between each paragraph, you can share with buy essays online for college . Increase the spacing between the letters in your essay and it will add some lines to it.

An essay can also be made longer while writing it. By avoiding contractions, you can add one word per contraction that has been avoided, in a 10 page essay, this can add up to over 50 words and a few lines of text. Spell out numbers lower than 10, doing so can slightly increase the overall word count of your essay. Make use of quotations. Quotations can dramatically increase the size of your essay, especially if the quotations are multi-line. But make sure to keep your quotations to less than 10% of the size of your paper.

Hopefully these tips have helped you make your essay longer. Make sure not to be overzealous in your application of these tips, it could cause your paper to look sloppy or unprofessional.